moray firth cycling club

Do I need to be a member to come on a club run?

No, you can come along on a club run first to see if you like it before joining.

Am I fit enough?

Average speeds for a Sunday run tend to be 15-17mph.  We will regroup at the top of hills and nobody will be left behind.

The Club also runs a development ride, which is a more gentle pace and where you can develop group riding skills and learn the etiquette of cycling in a bunch. This is a good place to start if you are new to club riding and no one will be left behind.

Chaingangs tend to be faster, and riders may be dropped.

What do I need to bring?

You’ll need a road bike in good, working condition and a helmet.

Whilst we all look out for each other, club runs encourage self sufficiency. From our experience here are some things you could bring with you each ride:

-In case of a mechanical you could bring: Inner tube x 2, pump, levers, chain tool – this should ensure you can get home!

-In case of an emergency you could bring: Packable foil blanket, mars bar, charged mobile phone.

-To keep you moving you could bring: a bar/gel/cake/piece, 2 bottles with water or juice, an emergency gel is handy for those days when you lose your legs!

Where do I buy MFCC kit?

Bikes of Inverness

Bikes of Inverness ,on Grant Street, hold a stock of mfcc club jerseys.


Use the password GATUREBRA2 to get into the MFCC section.
No minimum order.
Up to 6 weeks delivery.


Minimum order required (approx. 10 people) – members will be notified when a order is being placed.

Twitter posts

2 club rides this weekend!! The usual Saturday ride (Bishops Rd Car Park at 0900hrs) but on Sunday the first planned of the planned Womens ride which is from Essich Roundabout at 0830hrs. For each ride ensure you complete registration:…

WOMENS CLUB RIDE - For the first of the planned MFCC Womens Club Ride (Sunday 2nd May), please register using the below link. First ride is restricted to 18 riders, so hurry up and get this registration in !! :…

No rain on Saturday means no mudguards! Remember to register if you plan to join the club ride (Bishops Rd Car Park at 0900hrs). Also last chance to order some new club kit on the Bioracer club shop which closes tomorrow. Hurry up with those orders!…