moray firth cycling club

Safety and Etiquette

Cycling of all disciplines is a lot fun fun but carries risks. Many of the risks can be mitigated but not eliminated.

Kit and Maintenance

For club rides you must have a road bike in good working order and a helmet. Whilst we all look out for each other, club runs encourage self sufficiency. From our experience here are some things you could bring with you each ride:

-In case of a mechanical you should bring:

  • Spare new inner tube to suit tyre width
  • Pair of tyre levers
  • CO2 canisters & inflator
  • Adhesive patches & glue solution
  • Tyre patch
  • Multi-tool
  • Suitable chain speed Quick-link
  • Pump

-In case of an emergency you could bring: Packable foil blanket, emergency food, charged mobile phone.

-To keep you moving you could bring: nutrition of your choice e.g. a bar/gel/cake/piece, 2 bottles with water or juice, an emergency gel is handy for those days when you lose your legs!

Etiquette and Road Safety

Being able to communicate with other riders in a group efficiently is key to avoiding hazards on the rides such as potholes, road furniture and other vehicles. As different riders have learned at different times from different people, there is no single agreed way of communicating and if you are unsure you should ask prior to the ride starting.

British Cycling has useful information in their Race Smart series, particularly the video on how to communicate with hand signals in a bunch.