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MFCC Affiliate to Cycling Time Trails

Moray Firth Cycling Club is now affiliated to Cycling Time Trials. The main benefit of this is that mfcc members will not be required to buy a race licence to ride CTT events, just the entry fee.

The Club will also be able to organise races under a CTT licence in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If my club affiliates to CTT, does it affect my club’s relationship with SC/BC?

No, clubs can be affiliated to both organisations as most of the clubs in England and Wales are.

2. If my club affiliates to CTT can I ride in SC events?

Yes, as long as you fulfill the membership requirements of SC.

3. If my club affiliates to CTT do I need to buy a CTT licence to race in CTT events?

No, there is no race licence required by CTT. Once your club affiliates to CTT all the members of the club can enter CTT events, but you must be a paid up member of your club.

4. What does the CTT insurance cover?

The CTT third party insurance covers competitors, race organisers and those involved with the running of the event against claims by third parties. It also covers accidents during CTT events where a competitor against another competitor claim is received.

CTT recommends that all competitors should have their own personal third party insurance either through membership of a national cycling organisation, a commercial source or as part of their household insurance.

5. If I race in CTT events will SC revoke my or my club’s membership of SC?

No, you can race in SC events, TLI events and LVRC events without a problem as long as you are eligible to race in these events. The norm in the rest of the UK is that CTT run time trials and BC run other events.

6. How much does it cost to join CTT?

Each club affiliation costs £30 or £80 if the club jersey has any commercial names or advertising on the jersey, after which the only cost is the rider’s race entry fee.

7. If my club promotes an event under CTT how much of the entry fee is paid to CTT?

Current levy per rider is £2. Time Trial Series £5, RTTC National Champs., £10.
8. How much does it cost to enter a CTT event?

Entry fees vary but are generally about £8 per rider. eg for an ITT £8 for a 3Up TTT £24.

9. Will CTT use the same courses that SC traditionally used and are dead turns allowed?

Yes, the CTT Scotland calendar is being constructed to avoid clashes with SC events.

CTT’s policy in the 1990s was not to sanction new courses that required a dead turn in the road. That however was in the days before CTT introduced the strict requirement that all courses (both those used for open and for club events) MUST have a risk assessment. The CTT insurers say that they are happy to leave CTT to manage its risk, and for so long as the claims record remains good that is expected to remain the case. As such, provided that a full and proper risk assessment is carried out, and it is considered safe to have a dead turn, then this shouldn’t be a problem.
10. Will Scottish riders be eligible to ride events which qualify for the BBAR?

Yes, subject to performance criteria.

11. If my club runs an event, will it be the same as running an event under SC?

Very similar, with timekeepers, marshals, warning signs, direction signs, a risk assessment for the course with an on day update. One main difference is that CTT do not use commissaires but they do use “Observers” who will report irregular riding to the organiser, eg pacing or any other infringement of the rules by competitors. Observers are simply experienced racing cyclists. The organiser is responsible for reporting accidents, minor or serious, to the National Secretary (Legal & Corporate). There is a specific form for this purpose.

12. If my Club does not affiliate to CTT, can I still ride CTT Events?

Yes, but you will be required to join the “West of Scotland TT League Club” the fee is £20 each year. If your club subsequently affiliates to CTT £15 would be refunded. Therefore, if only two riders from a club wished to compete in CTT events it would be worthwhile for the club to affiliate to CTT.

13. How do I enter a CTT event?

Either on line or by CTT official entry form.
If you require any other information on CTT go to