moray firth cycling club

Reclaiming 2014 race fees

If you represented MFCC in a Scottish Championship, Super Six or National event, you can reclaim a portion of your race fees.

The following conditions apply:

The maximum liability for race fees for the club will be £400 for the year 2014.

The maximum amount per club member per race will be £10 with a maximum of £50 a year per club member.

If requests for payments exceed the Club’s liability then pro rata payments will apply.

Fees will only apply to races organised by:-

  • Scottish Championships.
  • Super Six Standard Events.
  • National Events.

All participants must represent the Moray Firth Cycling Club and wear Club colours before payment of fees will be considered.

Please note the closing date for application is the 30/11/2014


Applications can be posted to Alf or left at Bikes of Inverness where Alf will pick them up.