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Women’s Road Race info

The MFCC organised Munlocy Womens race takes place on Sunday the 15th June, but there is still time to get your entries in.

If you’re thinking of entering, but need a little persuading heres some questions and answers from an informal evening we held for would be racers. After a short Q&A we took a ride round the circuit.

How do I enter and What Licence do I need?

Entry is via the British Cycling Website. you can either buy a day licence on the day, or a membership and a race licence from BC.

What should I wear?

Your club kit, or a plain top.


Helmets are compulsory

Mits are a good idea

Don’t forget your cycle shoes

Depending on the weather you may also want; coat/sunscreen/arm-warmers/legwarmers/sunglasses

What about My Bike?

Sunday best; remove the mudguards, extra drink bottle cages, saddle bags etc.

How long is the race and what’s the course like?

The race is just under 50 miles, and is a rolling course, taking 5 and half laps of a 9 mile circuit. If you can’t ride the loop beforehand you can always scope it out on google street view. The race starts Munlochy village hall, with a neutral section until the clootie well. The finish line is at the top of the hill near the Animal Aid centre.

Munlocy Route

How fast will it be? And how many riders will there be?

Although every race is different, finishers last year were between 17 and 22mph average. There will probably be between 25-30 riders.

What if I get Dropped, or Lapped?

If you get dropped from the main field, you can try to find other riders to work with. This is usually a better option than sticking it out alone.

The race ends after the winner crosses the line. Lapped riders finish the next time they cross the line.

What about punctures?

Riders are asked to bring a wheel for the service car. If you don’t have spare wheels, and can’t borrow any dont worry to much (we’d rather you entered!)

The service car will stay with the front of the race. If you get a puncture pull over to the side and stick your hand up. If you aren’t with the front of the race you may have to wait a little bit.

Should I enter?

Yes of course!


For anybody not taking part, we are still looking for marshalls. If you are available to help from 9-1ish on Sunday 15th, please get in touch with Laura (