moray firth cycling club

NoSCA and SC North AGM : 1st March 2015

The following 2 meetings, happening consecutively,  are all about developing our sport in the North of Scotland.  Anyone can attend – but if you’d like to attend as a club representative,or would like more information let Susan Guest know.


Sunday 1 March 2015,  14:00, Culloden Academy

There are only two items on the agenda as follows and this is the only business that will be discussed:

1. Transfer of funds from NoSCA to Scottish Cycling North (SCN)
2. Termination of NoSCA.

Immediately following the NoSCA EGM there will be SCN AGM to elect the committee.  SCN will then be responsible for the development of all cycling disciplines within the North Region (Highlands and Islands).

Scottish Cycling North AGM

Sunday 1st March 2015, following NoSCA EGM, Culloden Academy

The purpose of the meeting will be to adopt the terms of reference, discuss the development plan and formally elect members onto the new development group. There will be a short presentation from Scottish Cycling Head of Development Vicky Strange.

Election of Regional Development Group

Up to 8 club representatives (max 2 per club) will be voted on during an open club meeting on the 1st of March 2015. Up to 3 members will be appointed to represent sportScotland and the local authorities. The committee members will serve for two year’s.